Urban Issues

oc8.3 million people live in London today and over 100,000 people are arriving to the city each year. With the increasing pressures on the city’s infrastructure the challenge is to ensure we continue to create a built environment that is liveable, vibrant and fit for purpose for all its citizens.

Open-City works across key built environment issues by influencing policy, informing opportunities and creating debate. Our current programmes include:

Art in the Open is London's online advisory resource for art in the public realm. It is part of Open-City’s commitment to supporting architecture, art and design excellence for London’s public places.

Sustainability is a key theme of multiple Open-City programmes. Recognising the changing and challenging future London's built envirnoment faces and understanding that sustainable measures and design must be integrated into the solutions.

Open-City Open Debate Series launched in September 2013 to offer a vital platform of exchange between the design professional and the public user. Since 2013 over 10,000+ people have applied to our debates, proving there is a real appetite and need for this open forum. Read more for upcoming events. Read reviews of the Open Debate and Green Debate of 2014.



The changing face of London


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Regular polls, surveys and research into Londoners' attitudes towards design quality and built environment issues


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