Structure Rocks Competition Winners Announced!

From Ping Pong Challenges to Quaker Shakers!

Open-City is delighted to announce the five winning activities from our Structure Rocks Competition.

Introducing the Competition
The Competition sought innovative activities to push the boundary of children's experimentation with the city’s structure and engineering properties. Applicants were asked to devise an engineering-focused activity that pushes the boundary of children's experimentation with the city, whilst having fun. To be original, innovative, fun, interactive, and educational. The competition is a fantastic opportunity to challenge practicing engineers’ own creativity, promote the structural design of London and help educate the younger generation on the value of engineering in making the city.

Competition Winners
The winners were selected by our expert panel of judges:

  • Miranda Housden, Director ICE South West, Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Matthew Bolton, Associate, Elliot Wood
  • Deborah Baptiste, Teacher, Lee Valley Primary School
  • Philip Glowinski, Associate, TZG Partnership

The winners: 

  • Scale Rule Engineering - Upside Down Buildings
  • Atelier One - London Sky is the Limit
  • Atelier Ten - Light up the City
  • Lipton Plant Architects - Ping Pong Challenge
  • Tony Gee and Partners - Quaker Shaker


The winning activities:

boxPing Pong Challenge
Building catapults, boats, and balloon cars to transverse their Ping Pong ball across the obstacle course with Lipton Plant Architects.
‘This project will give children a variety of experiences. It covers science and DT concept that the children will have experienced at school. This means that they will be able to broaden and build previous learning experience through application. It provides children will many challenges and is a fun problem solving task.’ - Deborah Baptiste

lightLight up the City
Atelier Ten challenge kids to light up a simple 3D model of the Square Mile by generating electricity from renewable energy sources.
‘This project oozes excitement. It offers children great insight into the world of electricity. Sustainability is an important concept which is a relevant and essential part of the curriculum that can be overlooked.’ - Deborah Baptitse

London Sky is the Limit

kitePutting a twist on the age old kite making activity, AtelierOne bring ‘drag ratios’ and ‘airfoils’ into the experimentation.
‘Kites are a great way to show physics and engineering to children and should open up their imagination.’ - Philip Glowinski

Upside Down Buildings
Likely to be ‘a messy one’ of casting plaster, Scale Rule Engineering will explore the different ways that hanging chain and membrane scale models have been used to build arch and dome structures
‘The chance to be a bit messy and some destruction is always ideal!’ – Matthew Bolton

Quaker Shaker
Will your Tower stand up to the Test? Shaking the foundations and ramping up the Richter Scale, Quaker Shaker of Tony Gee and Partners questions construction technique and stability.
‘A simple fun activity that clearly demonstrates structural engineering principles and how to prevent the catastrophic effects that earthquakes can have on buildings across the globe.’ - Miranda Housden

To see these activity inventions in action join us at Archikids Festival - 25 & 26 July 2016




The Structure Rocks programme is supported by the Ingenious Fund of the Royal Academy of Engineering