Sponsor Archikids Festival 2014

What is the value of being a sponsor of Archikids Festival?
The Archikids Festival, like all our projects, seeks to benefit young people and everyone who participates, including your company.

Sponsor Benefits:

Through branding and accreditation on Archikids publicity and publications material:

  • Opportunity to promote your products to a target youth and family audience
  • Reach a new customer base in a new way
  • Your company’s publicity materials placed at activities/workshops
  • High positive association of your brand with a community and family focused event
  • High positive association of your brand with Open-City, London’s leading organization for formal and informal architecture education for children and young people
  • Attain major media and publicity coverage:
    • National and local newspapers
    • Architectural, educational, junior press
    • Print / Web
    • E-marketing / Social media


  • Community: Fulfillment of social responsibility through community and learning projects, and an opportunity to promote good community relations in which you operate
  • Youth Education: Help develop new and unique methods of informal and free learning & encourage 3000 children to explore and learn from exemplary architecture and be aware of the physical world around them
  • Youth Development: Enable every child to fulfill their potential and provide an opportunity for socially and economically disadvantaged children in the community
  • Local Environment: Demonstrate your corporate values and concern of the built environment
  • Company Involvement: Engage the talents and resources of your employees and partners

Who is your audience?

Direct Festival Audience:

  • 3,000 Children, aged 5 - 12 year olds from all over the Greater London Area and specifically from City of London’s neighbouring areas – Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Islington.
  • 2,000 Parents/Guardians and Family Members.
  • 200 Primary and Secondary Schools through Open-City Education programmes.

Associated Open-City Audience:

  • 45,000 public, education and built environment newsletter subscribers.

Archikids Festival offers four Sponsorship Packages:
Option 1: Programme Sponsor
Option 2: Activity Sponsor
Option 3: Best Activity Competition Sponsor
Option 4: Weekend Competition Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Archikids Festival or a strand of its programme please contact Katie Darling, Archikids Project Manager.


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