By Beck Road

When By Beck Road 19 joined Open House in early May, we had little idea it would reveal so much talent and mean so much to so many different people.


Four months later we welcomed around 5,000 guests and showed over 140 artworks by 43 artists inside 18 houses, a local bar, under railway arches and outside in our 167 metre street.


 OH 2019 Saturday 88


The Beck Road community embraced Social and gave everything – cash, talent, friends, time, art and homes – to ensure its success.  Doors opened, historians pored over archives, a former Guggenheim Curator volunteered full time leadership, designers worked for free, art came from estates of people who had lived here, former artists returned, current artists made new art, and an uplifting exhibition by Beck Road’s children continues to evolve.


Curiosity about Beck Road’s early residents led to the first citizens being named at every door.  A newspaper told the history of the 56 houses, the land they stand on and the developers – and gave away a commissioned free artwork.


A team of 5 worked full time to deliver the exhibition and were joined by dozens of other volunteers. Throughout decades of community and public work, we have never experienced something that connected so many people to each other.  The project uncovered and joined a community in a profoundly kind, inclusive and unexpected way.


 OH 2019 Saturday 143


Congratulations and thanks to Open City for supporting our exhibition among hundreds in London during a life affirming and very special weekend. We are thrilled to have been part of it.


Alastair Carruthers, Resident and Commissioning Curator By Beck Road 19

Dr. Kathryn Lovering, Resident and Chair Beck Road Residents Association.