Kensington and Chelsea

Most Visited Building

Serpentine Pavilion

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●    6% of visitors were local

●    51% of visitors were from another London borough

●    43% of visitors were from outside London

●    30% of visitors would revisit the borough

●    1% of visitors were new to the borough

Press Mentions

●      Local: 3

●      National Magazine: 4

●      Online Magazine: 2

●      E-Newsletter Mention: 1

Coverage Included: Londonist, Financial Times, The Observer

Peter Jones building. WOW metal structure built in the 1930s!


We met many local people who pass by everyday but for whom it was a first visit

Moravian Close

Amazing weekend and concept. We had a great time, as did our visitors. A great success!

11 Bina Gardens

Fab day again got used to the app by the end. Highlight royal Hospital Chelsea