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15b Herne Hill Road

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●    26% of visitors were local

●    50% of visitors were from another London borough

●    24% of visitors were from outside London

●    22% of visitors would revisit the borough

●    6% of visitors were new to the borough

Press Mentions

●      Newspaper: 1

●      National Magazine: 3

●      Consumer Magazine: 1

●      E-Newsletter Mention: 1

Coverage Included: Describer, AnOther, The Observer

Over 400 splendid visitors to @nationaltheatre in the past 2 days for #OpenHouseLondon. Thank you all!


Greatly enjoued an Open House London tour of The Department Store, headquarters of Brixon based architects Squire & Partners. Their award-winning refurbishment of the once derelict Edwardian building was informed by the layers of history and exisiting fabric of the heritage building including retaining some of the graffiti from when the building was a squat.