Open House: Visitor Response  

93% of people learnt new information about London and its architecture

49% of people have an increased knowledge on social infrastructure because of Open House

4 in 5 believe Open House is the best way to see, explore and learn about London’s architecture

1 in 3 of our audience thinks differently about their local area because of Open House

1 in 3 use the app to get around during the weekend

Top five buzz words from Open House:
Interesting, Informative, Fascinating, Exciting and Fun

Audience Analysis

97% would take part in Open House again

27% visited a borough they hadn’t visited before with 66% of those wanting to revisit the borough as a result of Open House

Almost 50/50 split that Open House visitors travelled either via public transport or walking with 5% cycling. 

Where visitors are our visitors from? 

66% of all visitors from Greater London

34% from outside London

How old are our visitors? 

4% 15 - 24 years old 

27% 25 - 44 years old 

43% 45 - 64 years old 

26% 65+ years old 

Marketing Campaign

This year we introduced new icons to illustrate our ‘social’ theme. Icons include a mobile phone representing our online social community; a housing block representing 100 years of the Addison Act*; and a power station showcasing the importance of social infrastructure.



Tube Campaign 1 Steve Lavers

Printed Material

107 Tube posters across London

420 3 metre long and A0 Banners sent to participating buildings

4,000 A2 posters sent to libraries, public and cultural venues

92,000 copies of the Open House Guide printed. 


Marketing Reach

Advertising tube campaign reached 4.27 million people.  

5 million page views on Open House website/listings site

568,000 reach via Open City weekly e-newsletter

480,000 reach via Open House social media

Social Media


Open House is a live experience and always want this to remain but we count on our online to share their experience with us and all across the world - Did you know over 51 cities across the world opening up their cities for Open House Worldwide.

In Spring of 2019 we asked our online followers how important social media is to the live experience of architecture and if architects should start to pay attention to their role on social media.

Results came in that the majority of our audience think that architects should pay attention to the responses their designs have on social media but one user reminded us that ‘too often we witness functional compromises made to enable the most striking or pure design.’

Instagram: 22.6K followers 50% increase from 2018

Twitter: 28.9K Followers 4% increase from 2018

Facebook: 33.8K likes 5% increase from 2018

14% overall increase from 2018


Articles published

Articles in Consumer Magazines

Articles in local papers

34.3 million
Size of print readership

5 days radio slots
BBC Radio London Robert Elms

“Citysnoopers rejoice - London’s Open House returns, with more than 800 privates spaces opening their doors to the architecturally curious. There’s an impressive roster of new homes to view.”

Elle Decoration

"Anyone doing up their house - or any nosy neighbours work their salt - should mark September 21 and 22 in their diaries."

House & Garden

"The world’s largest architectural festival - Open House London - offers free access to awe-inspiring buildings"


"Open House is the opportunity to explore renovations of domestic spaces across town that demonstrate the impact of a bit of canny planning - not just mega-dollar mansions, but cutting-edge architectural projects."


"Open House reveals a full spectrum of homes, and a remarkable ecosystem which, despite the capital’s difficulties and extortionate expense, is infinitely interesting. The most intriguing aspect of this years event is not the opportunity to glimpse at the lives of the super-rich, but the opposite. The richness is in the variety of properties, including social housing."

The Financial Times