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●   39% of visitors were local

●   45% of visitors were from another London borough

●   16% of visitors were from outside London

●   11% of visitors would revisit the borough

●   5% of visitors were new to the borough

Press Mentions

●      Local: 7

●      Newspaper: 1

●      National Magazine: 1

●      E-Newsletter Mention: 1

Coverage Included: Time and Leisure, Domain, Salisbury Journal

Thank you for yet another brilliant OH weekend! We visited a huge variety of buildings on 17 sites, and our faves were Lancaster House, Gin Distillery House and Blackbook Winery. As always there were so many more we wanted to reach but couldn’t fit in.


Had a great experience yesterday as a volunteer at the U.S. Embassy


(I learnt) about the community spirit that keeps Tooting Bec Lido alive