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●    3% of visitors were local

●    56% of visitors were from another London borough

●    41% of visitors were from outside London

●    28% of visitors would revisit the borough

●    1% of visitors were new to the borough

Press Mentions

●      Local: 8

●      Newspaper: 4

●      National Magazine: 8

●      Consumer Magazine: 6

●      Online Magazine: 5

●      E-Newsletter Mention: 4

Coverage Included: World of Interiors, Monocle, OnOffice

Berry & Rudd - best open House visit ever! One building and so much history!


The Wigmore Hall, has great art nouveau interior design, which have been beautifully restored, a great concert hall.


Two Temple Place was a true revelation


We were lucky to get tickets to tour 10 Downing Street. The 2-hour tour with 3 tour guides was OUTSTANDING! I’ll be telling my friends and family about it for years. We learned so much about the architecture, artworks inside, and the history of the building and many of the Prime Ministers. Thank you for giving us this priceless opportunity.


It is particularly interesting when both a current and former use of a building are displayed as part of the event e.g. 22 Whitehall where DFID's projects were on display as well as the Admiralty history being a feature.


I have been living in London for 22 years and despite going to a lot of places of interest, I have never done Open House.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, there was so much to absorb and I was particularly impressed with staff who were all very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and more than happy to talk.


This weekend has shown me a different London and also allowed me to enter somewhere I certainly would never be allowed to enter and appreciate the work therein

13 Savile Row

I have just been in and on the roof of St Marylebone Parish Church - amazing and unexpected opportunity during my volunteer shift