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The Urban Foraging Revolution

It doesn’t take years of training to start your wild food adventure. Architect Marianna Janowicz explains the basics of urban foraging, a fun, frugal and inventive way to explore familiar neighbourhoods.

A volunteer's account of Open House

Our Learning Coordindator, Tascha von Uexkull, started out by volunteering for Open House. She wrote this piece for her blog when she first started volunteering for us back in 2017.

No tree-hugging, please.

Architecture journalist, Harriet Thorpe, writes about the infrastructure of or cities beyond the bricks and mortar, celebrating the trees of our city.

Big/little city life

Camilla Middleton responded Open City's Newsletter and our call for contributions from our community. Read about her new lease of perspective on London and what it means to live here and experience the...

A new normal for pubs.

Our guest writer, Rachel Mills-Powell, speaks about how the historic role of pubs and how these could be repurposed as part of the post-pandemics 'new normal'.

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