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Fiction as a citymaking tool

I want to tell you a story and be warned, it has a twist: imagine a book that explores five principles that deal with the project management of sound town planning.

Citymaking Sessions

 Come to the Citymaking Sessions – a unique one-day convention for everyone interested in how cities are made produced by Open City with Arup.

Ten minutes with Alex Ely

Ten minutes with Alex Ely, founder and director of Mae, one of London’s leading public housing architects, on why the Thames is crucial to the city’s transport challenges and why he designs homes with ‘exo-skeletons’

Architects who Instagram

This week, my five year old daughter asked: “Daddy, do people take photos and put them online?” When I said, yes, she asked, “Why?” and, well, I didn’t know what to say.

Two types of architecture: Rietveld or Rem?

A trip to the Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht uncovers two approaches to architectural design: one to serve our needs, another to put us in our place writes Rory Olcayto. Photography by Anthony Coleman. 


Whose space is it anyway?

On the same day images of Norman Foster’s Tulip – a viewing tower for the Square Mile – made London the centre of the great global skyscraper debate the fate of five trespassing urban explorers tells a more vital story of the city’s tall building fixation writes Rory Olcayto

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