Elements Photography Competition 2019 - Winners Announced



Following on from the success of 2018, the Elements photography competition will be returning for Open House London 2019 weekend this September. 

We want you to scour London’s magnificent townscape in search of the best building ‘elements’ in the city. The best façade, the best corridor, the best door, the best staircase and so on. Why? Because London’s best buildings – like all great architecture – are assemblages formed of elements, that come together to make a functional, inspiring whole. 

This year we have partnered with the writers behind Curiocity – a 26-chapter book weaving together facts, myths, stories, riddles, essays, diagrams, illustrations and itineraries that explore every aspect of life in the capital. At the heart of each chapter is a hand-drawn map, charting everything from the city's islands and underground spaces to its erogenous zones and dystopian futures. Taking you from Atlas to Zones, via Congestion, Folkmoot, Pearls and Xenophilia, Curiocity will transform the way you see London. 


Curiocity logo 2



The best photograph posted on Instagram for each of the 10 elements will receive a copy of Curiocity. Competition closes 4 October and winners, chosen by a panel of judges, will be announced 11 October.  

How to enter 

• Look at architecture in a fresh way and get involved in our ‘Elements’ photography competition 

• Follow @openhouselondon on Instagram 

• Post your Elements photos onto Instagram 

• Make sure to hashtag #OHL19, the building and include the tag for the element you’ve found (see list) 


Floor #openhousefloor 

Ceiling #openhouseceiling 

Room #openhouseroom 

Door #openhousedoor 

Window #openhousewindow 

Façade #openhousefacade 

Corridor #openhousecorridor 

Fireplace #openhousefireplace 

Stair #openhousestair 

Bathroom #openhousebathroom 

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