Do Not Consult: Co-creation in Plan Making


The question posed at Penoyre & Prasad's Green Sky Thinking breakfast this year was: can the depth of co-creation, intimacy and connection present when designing a single-family home be scaled up to a plan-making at a city scale? The new London Plan is at the time of writing out for consultation, leading some professionals to question the current methodology for engagement of a plan of this scale. There seems to be a disconnect between the desire to engage the public, and the reality of the standard consultation procedures followed. The title of the event ‘Do Not Consult’ aimed to be provocative, setting the tone for an event where everyone was in agreement that the word ‘consultation’ had lost value owing to its connotations of ‘tick-box’ notional engagement.


The subject of this event is particularly pertinent to Penoyre & Prasad’s work currently on the Lancaster West Estate. They have been working collaboratively with Fluid, one of the contributors to this event and seven other design practices on a resident-led co-design process to improve the Estate following the Grenfell tragedy. In this project it is more important than ever to ensure that the design embodies true co-creation.