Open House Worldwide: Our Values


Open House London and the Open House Worldwide Network use architecture, the allure of great buildings and place, to foster a culture of inclusion. By giving free entry to buildings normally closed to the public, to anyone, no matter who they are, Open House stands for togetherness and participation. It’s about reinforcing a sense of ownership too. Open House makes us feel that our city belongs to everyone – that it is ours and yours to share.


With this in mind, Open House London is concerned to learn of events within the Open House Jerusalem programme that might appear to exclude some Israeli citizens and communities. Furthermore, as one of our core principles states, Open House programmes are essentially apolitical: funding must be free of political coercion. If either of these rules are shown to have been violated – in short if an Open House programme excludes citizens or communities, and its funding is partisan - their inclusion within the Open House Worldwide Network, and any support it provides, would be withdrawn.


Rory Olcayto, Director, Open House London