We announce the judge for Junkitecture Challenge


Judge announced for home education programme, Junkitecture Challenge. 

Open City announces thatThomas Aquilina of Adjaye Associates  will be the judge for their revolutionary home learning programme.

Aquilina is a Researcher for Adjaye Associates as well as being a tutor for New Architecture Writers.  He has previously been a researcher for LSE University and U-N Habitats, Nairobi. Aquilina will be judging Open City’s new home learning programme, Junkitecture.

This is the first in a new series of architectural activities aimed at parents and care-givers getting to grips with home education for the first time. Open City's learning team have partnered with Celebrating Architecture to create a lockdown-friendly, virus-proof challenge to build the London skyline with the materials you have at home. It gives families a chance to take a break from the digital and start thinking like an architect. 

Take a look at the challenge and get your submission in by the 4th of May.