Why do girls use playgrounds less than boys?


Inclusive Urban Planning – Creating a City for Everyone

A Green Sky Thinking panel discussion at White Arkitekter (London), 16 May 2018


How can designers work with communities today to make cities more inclusive, more equal and more sustainable for all their inhabitants? This was the central question behind White Arkitekter’s panel discussion. Part of the Green Sky Thinking 2018, with its ‘People First’ theme, the discussion investigated the relevance of a particularly Swedish term – ‘normkreativ’. What does it mean in terms of inclusion and what can it bring to urban planning?



Rebecca Rubin, Urban Planner and Architect, White Arkitekter (Sweden)

Anna Mansfield, Director of Strategy and Research, Publica

Geoff Denton, Partner/Architect, White Arkitekter (London)

Sarah Yates, Principal Researcher, New London Architecture (Moderator)