Green Sky Thinking 2018

Programme of Events

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Wellbeing in retail - The ideal day in the life of M&S workers

18 May 2018

Designing for health and wellbeing in retail stores is key to promote employees' as well as customers' satisfaction.

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Making space for nature and beauty - SOLD OUT waiting list only

18 May 2018

London is home to some of the world’s finest urban parks and gardens. The challenge is how can we connect people to green space and ensure there are more trees, less pollution and nature becomes part of everyone’s everyday lives.

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Embracing Calm for Healthier City Living

18 May 2018

Amidst the growth in urban living, cities are traditionally looked at as dominated by noise, congestion and pollution. Tranquil City aims to challenge that perception, by exploring what tranquillity means for city dwellers, promoting areas of calm and quiet, and demonstrating how tranquillity can be found in the everyday.