Green Sky Thinking 2018

Programme of Events

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Experiencing the Digital Public Realm - SOLD OUT waiting list only

14 May 2018

The digital revolution is upon us! How can today’s digital tools be used to ensure people are the first consideration in the design, application and use of our public spaces. What can we do to help ensure that the digital landscape of tomorrow focuses on creating dynamic places for people.

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Planning strategies to build human and social capital - SOLD OUT waiting list only

14 May 2018

Sustainability strategies for the property sector, until recently, have largely focused on managing environmental impacts. This has led to the dominance of environmental rating systems such as BREEAM and carbon reduction targets for planning. However, expectations are rapidly changing.

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How would you like your city to sound?

14 May 2018

Designing the cities of the future is in our hands. How can we implement great sound quality in the city without compromising the very noises that make our cities so vibrant? How can soundscapes and sound planning improve our health and wellbeing in the city? What would we like our...

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Healthy Minds: Improving Health and Wellbeing in Schools

14 May 2018

In this workshop, we will explore how our approach to school design can improve the health and wellbeing of students and teachers. Hawkins\Brown has always championed simple, passive architectural solutions to providing joyful, robust and well-loved buildings.