An Exploration of White Collar Factory - SOLD OUT waiting list only

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

17 May 2018

8:30 – 12 noon

Session 1 (architecture and built environment experts) 8:30-10:00 am and

Session 2 (“non-expert” group) 10:30-12:00 noon


White Collar Factory, 1 Old Street Yard, London EC1Y 8AF


Two groups will take part in an experiment exploring responses to White Collar Factory – a building with innovative sustainability and long-term research at its heart. One group will be made up of built environment professionals and the other from the local community around Old Street. Everyone will be given drawing materials to record their responses at points within the building. Led by an architect who designed the building and Dr Craig Robertson, AHMM's Head of Sustainability - along with AHMM’s Sketch Club, the groups will respond to five sustainability principles it has at its basis. These are: tall ceilings, smart servicing, simple passive façade, deep plan and concrete structure. At the end, there will be time to share responses over refreshments in the café. Afterwards, we will publish a summary considering Green Sky Thinking’s People First theme exploring whether the community group’s response to the building differed from the professionals.

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