Designing for people or designing for density – Can we continue to create urban live-ability at ever increasing densities?

Mæ & Vastint

16 May 2018

18.00 pm - 20.00 pm

Vastint UK Head Office, The Print House, 135 Hight Street, Stratford, London, E15 2RB


Prompted by the omission of the density matrix from the New London Plan, a panel will discuss place-making, and consider the drivers that will direct appropriate density in future housing development within London. The panel will compare this within London’s surrounds, as well as further afield, with a range of speakers offering diverse perspectives on this challenging subject.

We will discuss what is the most effective way of safeguarding appropriate scale of design and creating pieces of city that are livable. We will consider whether or not planning policy needs a density target, or whether it is more effective to uphold positive qualities such as; ample daylight
& ventilation; access to community infrastructure such as schools & healthcare; proximity to public transport; and consideration of urban setting.

A range of viewpoints will be given a platform with developers as well as designers speaking on subjects including; place-making and density in the creation of new housing schemes; promoting higher density neighbourhoods on former industrial land; creation of new places to live in London’s
surrounds; and a discussion of development in outer London boroughs.


Speakers include:

Jennifer Currier, Head of Design - Red Door Ventures

Oliver Bulleid, Associate Director - Mæ

Peter Maxwell, Director of Design - London Legacy Development Corporation

Michiel van Soest, Development Manager - Vastint