Distinction, character and community: the making of a 21st century mansion block - SOLD OUT waiting list only


16 May 2018

8.30 am - 10.00 am

81-87 Weston Street


Weston Street is the result of 15 years of experimentation of building on ‘left over’ gap sites in the city by the developer Solidspace and the evolution of their signature split section design. Using the gap site, Solidspace develop the city fabric to accommodate new housing and people. It is contemporary and contextual city-making. Building with beauty is Solidspace’s approach, driven by an ambition that each project improves and enhances the character of the streetscape and engages the wider urban community in new possibilities of independent imaginative development.

Solidspace homes have volume at their heart. The Eat/Live/Work split section is arranged around a double height space which provides a spaciousness and brings natural daylight, air and ambience, improving the well-being of the occupier and offering a spatial generosity and flexibility which accommodates the way we live now.

Designed by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris as a contemporary response to the mansion block model Weston Street comprises a small number of units with direct connection to the stair core (one core with 3 units and one with 5) encouraging neighbourliness and the development of a sense of community for all the occupiers.

It illustrates the opportunity in gap site development and the part this typology of sites could play in providing new mixed-use development, intensifying and adding to the city.

Roger Zogolovitch, Creative Director, Solidspace will lead a tour of the newly completed development culminating in one of the apartments.