Do Not Consult: Co-creation in Plan Making

Penoyre & Prasad

17 May 2018

8.30 am - 10.00 am

Penoyre & Prasad Studio, 28-42 Banner Street, London, EC1Y 8QE


There is a lot of support for the principle that pro-active planning is better than retroactive development control if the aim is to create cities and neighbourhoods that enable people and economies to flourish. Although this principle has theoretically been at the heart of the planning system from the Town & Country Planning Act (1948) to the National Planning Policy Framework (2012) the reality as experienced by applicant and contestant is quite different. The draft London Plan currently out to consultation contains policies that place a significant increased responsibility on Local Authorities to engage in anticipatory planning. At the same time we all think that citizens should play a significant part in making plans at a neighbourhood, local or city level. However, how to do so in a convincing way has eluded best intent. Consultation rarely amounts to participation or collaboration, let alone or co-creation. At this Green Sky Thinking breakfast event we will explore how individuals and communities together with the planning authority might co-create a plan for an area with all its complex and often contradictory implications. What new and emergent skills are needed? Is it anyway more a matter of attitude than skill? What new possibilities might open up if there was real co-creation in the planning system? Speakers include Matthew Horne, Afolabi Spence, Tony Burton and Heather Cheeseborough.

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