Embracing Calm for Healthier City Living

Tranquil City & OrganiCity

18 May 2018

18th May, 9.00am - 10.30 am


Location: Urban Innovation Centre
One Sekforde Street, London, EC1R 0BE


Amidst the growth in urban living, cities are traditionally looked at as dominated by noise, congestion and pollution. Tranquil City aims to challenge that perception, by exploring what tranquillity means for city dwellers, promoting areas of calm and quiet, and demonstrating how tranquillity can be found in the everyday.

Together with citizens, community groups and local authorities, we are creating the Tranquil Pavement London, a map web-app built to evolve through crowdsourced tranquil spaces and open datasets for noise and air-quality. It invites a view of the city from a more positive perspective, encouraging users to explore the city for its tranquillity, and discover tranquil walking and cycling routes that avoid noise and pollution.

The event will be a workshop discussing our recent experiment with OrganiCity, based in three distinct areas of London: City of London, London Bridge/Bankside, and Deptford, as well as an exploration tour to discover tranquillity for yourself.