How would you like your city to sound?

How would you like your city to sound? Anderson Acoustics

14 May 2018

18.30pm to 21.00pm



AluK design studio, 5-11 Worship Street, London EC2A 2BH


Designing the cities of the future is in our hands. How can we implement great sound quality in the city without compromising the very noises that make our cities so vibrant? How can soundscapes and sound planning improve our health and wellbeing in the city? What would we like our cities of the future to sound like?

Soundscapes and sound planning is an emerging discipline that encourages us to consider sound as a key design element, in a world currently dominated by the visual aesthetic. It is important to consider positive sound quality when designing public spaces, to create environments for people to thrive, to socialise in and enjoy, as well as to feel healthy and active both in body and mind.

Anderson Acoustics is hosting an interactive workshop with a series of speakers on the importance of sound for Placemaking and wellbeing in the built environment.