Inclusive urban planning - creating a city for everyone

White Arkitekter

16 May 2018

8.30 am - 10.00 am

White Arkitekter, 27 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3PB


‘Normkreativ’ (challenging and reshaping the accepted ‘norm’ in a creative way) and inclusive urban development has attracted great interest and is crucial for creating sustainable cities and communities. But how can this be achieved in practice? How can the city become more inclusive, equal and attractive to everyone? White Arkitekter presents the process and findings of their interactive workshop series, ‘Room for Girls’, demonstrating practical methods for gender-based urban planning from girls’ perspective. The event will open a discussion about how designers and communities can capture these insights and apply them to make cities more inclusive and equitable for all their inhabitants.

“When it comes to urban planning, the ‘norm’ needs to be rewritten in a creative way and manifested in the urban design. Because only when the city reflects the diversity of its inhabitants, can it truly serve as our habitat.” – Rebecca Rubin, White Arkitekter

About the workshops: In gender-equal Sweden, boys and girls use playgrounds and other public spaces equally until the age of seven. Then something happens and the ratio skews, with boys becoming the predominantly active users of eighty percent of public space. Even with this knowledge, few examples of public spaces are designed for girls. This project develops a method to address the problem and creates a set of design examples. To create spaces for girls, moving beyond normative behaviour was necessary for a successful collaboration. White’s task, as process leaders, was to provide the girls with a platform where they could be heard, thus changing the hierarchy of power. Key process tools include the following: a multidisciplinary team, to have a broad range of perspectives to begin with, attract and emotionally engage professionals through the “Du vet Havsdjupen”: an interactive play that decodes public space through the eyes of teenage girls; include girls from the Youth Council of Skarpnäck Municipality when discussing their ‘area of expertise’ as teenage girls; build self-confidence through respect, transparency and continuity; co-create through an iterative process of dialogue and design.


Panelists include:

  • Rebecca Rubin, Specialist Architect, White Arkitekter
  • Geoff Denton, Partner & Architect, White Arkitekter
  • Anna Mansfield, Director of Strategy and Research, Publica