Lifetime Optimisation - putting people first at every stage of the building lifecycle

Hurley Palmer Flatt

15 May 2018

8:00 am for 8:30 am - 10.00am

Location: Hurley Palmer Flatt, 240 Blackfriars, London SE18 NW


Hurley Palmer Flatt will be showcasing our Advanced Building Optimisation methodology; a people-centric approach to engineering that follows the design from inception to occupation. We will demonstrate how we can optimise buildings from a performance and wellbeing standpoint at every step of the building lifecycle leading to buildings or places tailored around the people who will use the spaces.

This year’s Green Sky Thinking theme of people first brings to the forefront the question of who we are designing and building for. The session will outline how our unique approach enables us to quantify benefits for the occupiers, highlight potential issues that can arise by stakeholders joining at different stages of the project lifecycle and the ability to approach projects from multiple perspectives rather than engineering alone.
We will use practical examples to demonstrate where our optimisation process influenced design and beyond. We will show how we use advanced and bespoke building physics analysis combined with spatial integration to help creating places that are better used and better liked by the people who use them.

It is important to consider that a building or a place should evolve with time, so although a lot can (and must) be done at the initial design, it is only by understanding how the building is built, how it is used and how this usage pattern changes over time that we can truly make the building suit the users for its lifetime. User surveys, but more important the changes that are implemented because of these are critical to make sure the building follows it users. This continuous optimisation process allows adjustments to be made so that the building remains at its best, serving the dynamics of its occupiers.

A panel discussion will follow with guests from various stakeholders within the supply chain from clients, architects, interior designers to engineers, contractors and developers, who will be discussing what can we do to make buildings work for people.


Panel:              Jason Clark, UBS

                        Mark Tynan, Make Architects

                        Mike O’Mahony, Andrew Reid & Partners

                        Carlo Benigni, Brookfield Property Partners


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