People first or technology first?

Nicholas Hare Architects & Hoare Lea

15 May 2018

18.00pm - 20.30pm

3 Barnsbury Square, London N1 1JL


Building, landscape and urban design are adapting to new technologies and user expectations, but are they putting ‘people first or technology first’? Using Nicholas Hare Architects’ and Hoare Lea’s competition winning proposal for Old Street Roundabout as a springboard for debate, the panel will discuss the way in which smart technology will shape our future urban environments and people’s interactions with the world around them.
Can smart technology give control to users, occupants and passers-by and enable truly interactive buildings and environments? Or will it just add further complexity to opaque technical systems and disconnect people from the environment around them? What impact will smart technology have on the physical design of our buildings and landscapes? And how will it address the biggest concern of our time, environmental sustainability?

Our speakers come from all sides of the technology/people divide: Mike Bedford (Hoare Lea), James Eades (NHA), James Hepburn (BDP) and Philippa Gill (Verdextra).


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