Putting people at the centre of urban regeneration: lessons from Clapham Park

Greengage Environmental & PRP

16 May 2018

8.30 am - 9.30 am

Ideas Store, PRP, 10 Lindsey Street, Smithfield, London EC1A 9HP


The event will describe the approach taken at Clapham Park to bring forward proposals for 4000 new homes in a healthy, prosperous and socially cohesive community. Clapham Park is one of the largest urban regeneration projects in London, representing a unique opportunity to revitalise an area of deprivation designed to bring about long term benefits to the local community and wider borough of Lambeth. This event will explore the key design principles that were applied such as the activation of underutilised public realm, incorporating green infrastructure, improving connectivity, encouraging health activity and the impact of improved building design on fuel poverty.