Open House Families

22-23 June 2019

Plan your Open House Families weekend by taking a look at our programme featuring lots of activities for all ages taking place across our four activity hubs at Canary Wharf, Here East, Gasholder Park and the Gherkin as well as in some of London's favourite cultural venues.

Open House Families The Corner Wembley Park
Paint, Paper, Pencil, Clay

22 June 2019

The ‘Paint, Paper, Pencil, Clay’ project is an exciting community art event by Abundance Arts where local families are invited to come together, getting crafty and creative in a relaxed environment. Using different art styles and inspiring materials.

Creative Storytelling Wembley Park
City Tales- Storytelling for young people

22 June 2019

Everyone loves a story!! The one thing common to people from countries and cultures all over the world are stories and storytelling. We exist in a fabric of stories - personal, historical, cultural ... fantastical! Stories are the way in which we learn and make sense of the world around us.