HF St Augustines Church Steve Lavers
Lambeth Nimtim IMG 1862
Jonathan Perugia Sugar House Island hosts Open House 2018 6
Westminster Royal Opera House Steve Lavers OH 2018 Sunday 11
Ivan Markovic Blackbook Winery 22 Sep 18 7

London Open House is an outstanding weekend and the participating venues so welcoming - both OH volunteers and their staff. Wouldn't miss it.


Open House is one of the most positive ways in which the general public can engage with good design; and where they can experience first hand, extraordinary buildings and see the breadth of possibilities afforded by working with imaginative and creative designers.


I enjoy Open House so much and have visited 123 buildings in the 18 years since I've been making Open House visits. Thank you !


Peckham High Street had a real vibrancy about it even in the pouring rain.  Our visits to the power station and recycling plant were an interesting eye-opener for us adults and children alike and will cause us to take these issues more seriously.

Visitor in Southwark

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