About us

Open City is a charity promoting people-centred cities with a year-round programme of events and initiatives serving the public, the education sector and the construction industry.

What we do

Our core team works with the Open City network - built environment professionals, educators, clients and politicians - to produce Open House for the public; Open City Makers for professionals and Open City Learning for schools and communities.

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How we do it

Our events programme uses the city itself – buildings, infrastructure and the public realm - to learn and improve our knowledge of how the built environment works.

Why we do it

The future of city-making is equitable urban design and planning where everyone has a role in shaping their city. Open City’s diverse programme of events – which place learning through architecture at their core - is working towards that goal.

27 years of
Open House
Engaging 250,000+
Londoners each year

40+ Cities across continents 
in our ever-growing Open House Worldwide network

15+ years experience
leading education programmes
engaging 8,000+ young
people across 50 London
schools each year

The Team

Rory Olcayto
Chief Executive
+44(0)207 383 0782

Rory Olcayto studied architecture at Strathclyde University in the 80s and 90s and worked in architectural practice and education before embarking on a career in journalism and publishing in the early noughties. Prior to leading Open City, Rory was editor of The Architects’ Journal.

An Open City is a public city.

Jeni Hoskin
Special Projects Manager
+44(0)207 383 0782

Jeni has over a decade’s experience as a project manager creating and delivering public programmes such as Open House. With a master’s in Curating, she enjoys developing creative content and strategy and working on the finer detail.

Jeni’s favourite Open City is Barcelona - having two small children heightens awareness of what makes a child-friendly city, in Barcelona kids are an integral part of the lively streets that foster independence and outside play.

Sophie Draper
Head of Learning
+44(0)207 383 5722

Sophie has worked in the education sector for10 years. With a master's in museum studies and a degree in history and politics she is interested in connecting communities with their cultural environments past present and future.

Her favourite Open City is New York because of its architecture - from humble brownstones to iconic high-rises it reflects the stories, diversity, and determination of its people.

Adrianna Carroll-Battaglino
Tours Programme Manager

Sian Milliner
Open House London Manager
+44 (0) 207 383 2131

Sian has a museums and heritage background having previously studied history of art and design. She is interested in exploring the city through photography and finding inspiration in the little things.

Sian’s favourite Open City is Berlin, a city whose history is inescapable and is laid bare for all to see through it’s architecture, both old and new.

Annie Simpson
Open House London Manager
+44 (0)207 383 2131

Annie has always been inspired by design and the built environment, a passion that grew during her time studying Interior Architecture at Ravensbourne. Throughout her career Annie has become driven to create and encourage accessible architecture appreciating that the history and future of this industry go hand in hand.

An Open City for Annie is a cycle-safe city.

Ailsa Cullens
Learning Coordinator
+44 (0) 208 383 5722

Ailsa studied illustration at university in Scotland before deciding to share her passion for the arts with younger audiences. Since moving to London she has worked in the education sector helping children and families to engage with their surroundings creatively.

Her favourite Open City is Seville where its history is embedded in its colourful ceramic tiles.

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